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field sampling 1
University of Louisville
Ecosystem Ecology (BIOL 562)
Advanced Ecosystem Ecology (BIOL 662)

Global Change Ecology (BIOL 440)
Advanced Advanced Global Change Ecology (BIOL 644)
Diversity of Life (BIOL 242)
Undergraduate Honors Seminar (BIOL 388)
Study Abroad Courses
Co-instructor – Tropical Ecology Program, UGA Costa Rica, University of Georgia
May-June 2012, 2017
Ecology Laboratory (ECOL 3510) and Tropical Field Ecology (ECOL 3100)
Four-week field research course taught in Costa Rica, covering multiple subjects

Co-Coordinator/Instructor – Tropical Field Ecology: Skills for Science and Beyond

Organization for Tropical Studies

Jan 2017

Field research course for graduate students at OTS Stations in Costa Rica (La Selva, Las Cruces, & Palo Verde) and Cuerici

Undergraduate PIRE Program Down Under
June-July 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Six-week field research course on urban water issues in Melbourne,


Ever wonder what it looks like when twelve undergraduate students, three grad students, and three postdocs process over 1000 biofilter mesocosm samples in 24 hours? These time-lapse videos from a hydraulics lab in Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) provide a great example!

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